Emilio Zamudio, Joana Patrão, Sade Hiidenkari

Water connects us, unites us, and carries all the life on earth. Similar cultural and spiritual traditions, symbolism and rituals to respect water are found all around the globe. In the traditions where water is respected as sacred, it also has been used in a sustainable and ecologically responsible way.
We wish that the water circles lead to a contemplative moment in nature, by the water. Our aim is to deepen/strengthen the participants’ feeling of companionship and increment the consciousness of an immense network of people sharing the same needs and hopes in respect to water.
A quiet art process is compounded with environmental activism and science. We cooperate with NGO’s, water researchers, documentarists and different groups of artists. The project is open to everybody who finds important to protect the water nature.

We offer some examples of how it’s possible to join the water circles, but each participant can also find his or her own ways to share and respect the water.

  1. Go to a natural water source, like river, sea, a spring or rain, snow or ice.
  2. Spend a silent moment in this place, so that you can perceive and become aware of your surroundings and the water in nature.
  3. You can take a water sample to a small recipient and bring it to the gathering or event of your own group.
  4. The water can be poured to a common recipient. This should be preferably a natural one, (as a rock, a hole/shape in the ground, one made of ice, etc).
  5. Everybody on their turn can tell from where their water is, and also say their wishes for the nature and water.
  6. Silent moment.
  7. Water can be poured on a suitable place, preferably a natural body of water
  8. This can be carried out alongside with various water events, like moon gazing by a lake, pond or sea (as in Japanese traditions), or other kind of contemplation and veneration of water.



We are suggesting different forms of documentation, so after this you can write about something that was meaningful in this moment, document it by drawing, or combine both things…
We are focusing on people’s stories of connection with water. So we would also like to have something about the places where the water was collected at the first instance, as a small text that approaches at least some of this points: its provenance, its story/stories or that of your connection with it, the story of how you collected it, and finally your wishes/concerns related to this water.
You can also send a photo of this place, so that we can complete an archive with all this different sources.

The process and reflections about this project can be found here.

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